We will take Metro- Malema


Khanyisa Sinqe

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Julius Malema assured the huge crowd which came to celebrate Workers Day at the NU1 Stadium in Motherwell that EFF will take Nelson Mandela Metro.

“This metro is permanently sleeping. You can never have an 83-year-old Mayor. You need a young energetic person and that person will come from EFF,” Malema said.

Malema who was accompanied accompanied by national and local leaders of the EFF was addressing supporters of all ages.

He said they are celebrating all workers who played the major role in our lives.

“Workers produce food, clothes and build your houses. They even guaranteed your safety,” he said.

Malema added that the EFF was celebrating real workers such as farm workers, factory workers and domestic workers who are the victims of crime committed by labour brokers.

“Workers are the victims of labour brokers. We demand policing of labour brokers,” Malema said.

“The ANC failed the country’s – labour brokers must be abolished in this country.”

According to Malema South African workers are among the most exploited workers in the world.

“So-called workers’ unions sell workers out because they sleep under the same blanket as the ANC,” he said.

He added that in some cases workers are paid with bottle of wine.

Even civil servants such as teachers are paid peanuts teachers.

“Yet these people who refuse to pay teachers are the product of the teachers themselves while others others never went to school (An obvious reference to President Zuma), “Malema said.

“Today if you go to the clinic you find nurses who are permanently angry because they are underpiad andyou can never be too sure if they inject you with a right injection because they are so angry”.

Malema said many workers are working on contracts and have no permanent jobs.

“When we questioned Presidant Zuma in Parliament about this issue he said there are no workers in SA that work on contract for more than three months.

“We were o shocked but again we thought maybe he is talking about the Nkandla workers, because we know workers who have been on contract for more than ten years.”

He urged the people to vote EFF and take the metro in the 2016 elections.

“In this metro we want EFF ward councilors because EFF is for and about workers.

“It is so embarrassing that South Africa has one of the highest paid presidents in the world – Jacob Zuma salary is the fifth highest in the world – yet we are a poor country”.

He added that in South Africa we have doctors who live in doctors’ quarters because they can’t afford houses. The most expensive cars they drive is Golf3. He said police were paid so poorly that they could be bribed with cigarettes.

Malema said EFF is the only political party in SA that speaks openly about the wellbeing of workers.

He said the lowest salary a worker should be earning is R4 500 a month.

He also urged Zwelinzima Vavi and Ivin Jim to stop wasting time and to form a workers’ union and EFF will provide them with workers.

Malema thanked his followers for filling the stadium.

“I thank and salute you for coming at your own will to fill the stadium, you didn’t come here with the hope of getting food parcels. You came here because you want change,” he said.

Malela called upon Presidant Zuma to realise the Marikana report saying the EFF demanded to know who gave instruction to fire at the workers.

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