Cala residents chase away foreigners

cala residents chase away foreigners

Patrick Msengana

ANGRY residents of extension 15 in Cala near Queenstown took to street Friday morning shutting down all foreign national shops around the town including nearby townships, demanding that foreign nationals must be chased away.

This follows an incident the previous night when a leg of a female was found in an unoccupied RDP house.

The person who made the gruesome discovert said “I was feeding the chickens at around 10 am this morning when I saw dogs eating something and were fighting over it.

“When I go closer I was shocked to find that it was a human leg.

On closer inspection I noticed that the nails had black nail polish,funny enough there was no sign of blood as the leg seemed old.

“The gogo who used to live there left in November last year.

“I immediately notified the poilce.”

Another resident said the leg looked like that of a girl who have been missing from the neighbourhood. She was a dating a foreigner.

” I heard that they had an argument and since then she disappeared”.

A family member positively identified the leg saying the girl has been missing for nearly two weeks.

“We never seen a chopped human body hence we do not want any foreigner in this area, an angry resident said.

“We will not fold arms and watch our kids brutally murdered by the foreigners.”

Liautenant Nomapha Ndima from Cala police station said, “We had a report that dogs were eating a human leg in Extension 15 and we rushed to the scene where we discovered a female foot with black nail polish.

” We heard a report that there was a female whio was missing and called the family who positively identified the leg.

” We we asked them not to touch it until the K9 dog unit from Mthatha traces the body.

“The problem is that the family i never reported that the girl was missing.

“They said they thought she went out with her friends but for now we are investigating.”

All foreign nationals were forced close down their shops and run for their lives as angry resident’s threatened to kill them if they do not move.

Cala Police station commander Calonel Phumzile Ngqola said “We have arrested the foreign national although we cannot give more details.

“We urge community to stop chasing away the foreigners and taking the law to their own hands.”

The suspect is due to appear before Cala magistrate court on Monday

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