Management of the SA Police Service (SAPS) is disappointed by the alleged conduct of officers at Douglasdale police station, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

“The SAPS was concerned and disappointed with what transpired at the Douglasdale Police Station on Thursday, January 29th,” Phiyega said in a statement.
“The Code of Conduct requires police officers to uphold the law and to ensure compliance with SAPS policies and regulations.” A group of officers reportedly stormed the office of station commander Brigadier Leon Kruger, demanding that he leave the office. They accused Kruger and two other senior officers of being racist. Phiyega said 62 officers who participated in the incident were issued with letters of dismissal, suspension, or both. “The 12 members who were involved in the intimidation incident were issued with suspension notices requiring them to provide, within 48 hours, adequate reasons as to their misconduct and why they should not be suspended.” A further 33 were issued with dismissal letters and given 30 days to make written representation to the police minister as to why their dismissal should not be made permanent. Seventeen were given both letters of suspension and dismissal, she said. There was no evidence to support their allegations. “Certain police officers lodged allegations of racism, favouritism and discrimination against the station management late last year. “An investigation was immediately launched and it was found that there were no facts to support the allegations.” She said investigations were continuing and that more members could be charged. On Thursday, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union said it was “appalled by the unfair treatment towards members”. “We call on the SAPS to stop deviating attention from this grave challenge by threatening to dismiss the members for raising concrete issues. Popcru condemns this reaction in the harshest terms possible,” the union said in a statement. -BY DOUGLASDALE COPS Sapa

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